Cuffed lezdom strapon play

In Femdom

Gagged and cuffed to the bed by her nice-looking lesbo mistress this almost naked hottie in high-heel boots feels helpless, humiliated and extremely aroused at the same time. This crafty domme has full control over her body having her suck a big strapon dick, teasing her nipples and pussy and fucking her deep and hard showing absolutely no mercy. That’s what it means being in femdom and despite embarrassment and discomfort her restrains cause she really enjoys this exciting submissive experience.

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Randy Meets Up With Two Cross Dressers!

Studs Fun

Randy has always had a thing for men dressed up in women’s clothes, he can’t help himself. When he sees a fellow wearing nylons and tight shirts he can only think about massaging his hand against their nylon covered penis. The trouble is that Randy lives in a gorgeous small town and he knows that if he even dared to bring a cross dresser over to his place he would be outed by everyone in the town. Soon enough though Randy couldn’t think of anything but hard dicks covered in nylon and he looked up a website that he’d heard was sexy good for finding mature friends and he arranged to meet up with two cross dressers over at a field behind the old barn.

Randy couldn’t wait but when the day finally rolled around his penis was hard just thinking about it and he couldn’t get there fast enough. When he finally walked out to the chosen spot he could already see the guys sitting there in their kinky outfits. Their soft nylons were irresistible and it didn’t take more than a few minutes for Randy to slide his hand up one of the men skirts and fondle that chubby dick through the stockings!

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Smoking Dick And A Cigarette

Dirty Smokers

Lena loves her cigarettes, in fact there is only one thing that she loves more than smoking cigarettes and that is smoking penis! When Lena first met Andrew at the bar she had no idea that she was about to have the time of her life because Andrew absolutely loved smokers, he loved the way a woman blows that soft stream of smoke out of her lips and more than that he loves the way the smoke feels against his weenie! Lena had never been with a man who loved smoke so much in her life but when she got Andrew back to her place she soon found out just how crazy about smokers he was!

Back at Lena’s place Andrew begged her to lay on the bed and start smoking a cigarette. As she lit up and started to smoke she watched as he stripped off and flashed that huge fat dick. With every puff of that cigarette his penis would grow bigger and soon he was begging her to blow the smoke on his cock. Lena did one better, taking a large puff of smoke she slipped his cock in to her mouth and blew that smoke all over it!

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Halia Smoking On Cock

Dirty Smokers

Halia has been a smoker for just about as long as she can remember but she never really thought anything of it until she met Frankie at a bar downtown. She had been sitting having a few drinks with her friends when Frankie came over and whispered in to her ear how marvelous he thought she looked with a cigarette in her mouth. Halia had never heard anyone say anything like that before and she was gorgeous intrigued by this mystery dude so she started to talk to him. As the night went on they both had a little bit to drink and decided it would be more fun to head back to Halia’s place for a drink or two more.

When they got back to Halia’s place though the two of them didn’t waste much time in stripping off. Just as they were about to start teasing each other Frankie begged Halia to light up a cigarette and start smoking while they were fucking. Halia had never heard anything like it in her life but when she reached over for that cigarette and lit it up Frankies cock doubled in size and then she was sold!

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Smoking And Sucking cock

Dirty Smokers

Loretta has always been a smoker for just about as long as she can remember and she has never even thought of it being an erotic experience. One day a few weeks ago though Loretta was sitting in a bar smoking her cigarette and letting big clouds of smoke blow above her head. She just happened to turn around after a few minutes and notice a fellow in the corner of the room watching her very intently and she couldn’t bring herself to look away. Soon enough the man came over and introduced himself and it wasn’t long before Loretta found herself inviting him back to her place.

That night Loretta found her first fellow who really got off on watching a woman smoke. Every time she took a puff of smoke she saw his penis get even harder than before and finally he was begging her to blow the smoke on his throbbing cock. Loretta couldn’t resist as she stroked her hand up and down that plump hard knob. She felt his penis quiver in her hand as the smoke carressed his huge dick and he kept on begging her for more smoke each time!

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Helen Smokes With Her Twat

Dirty Smokers

Helen is a cute teen who loves to play the part of the cute coed babe! When she met her current fuck buddy she started teasing him by calling him a dirty old perv since he was quite a few years older than her. Helen didn’t really care though, in fact she loved being the center of his attention and she particuarly loved teasing him and turning him on to the point where he just couldn’t take any more! When Helen found out that her new fuck buddy loved to watch chicks smoke she just knew that she had him just where she wanted him!

One night when they were together Helen lit up a cigarette and she watched as his eyes lit up like diamonds. He watched every drag she took from that cigarette and then as she started to slowly strip she watched his penis get so hard that he had to drop his jeans before he seriously hurt himself. Helen slipped down her panties and slid her hand between her legs and put that cigarette to her pink flaps. She watched as he slid his hand down his boxers and started to massage his throbbing weenie!

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